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Blue sky by Ute Wieczorek-King

As a new week unfolds, it is so easy for ultra-busy women to get sucked in to the to-do list without stopping long enough to take a breather.

Sometimes we drop tasks and reprioritise our action list on a whim, depending on what happens to us that day.

It may change like the weather in April: I recall days where we started with strong winds followed by torrential rain, which in turn was followed by glorious blue skies and sunshine.

I find it easy to admire the sunshine and appreciate the good weather after the grey of the rain but without that strong contrast, would I have really noticed the good weather or would I have taken it for granted?

It’s the same with the contrast of nice and not-so-nice tasks on your action list.

Have you got used to avoiding certain tasks?

Sometimes when your list is full of things you don’t like doing, or are not very good at, it may feel easier to ignore your important tasks and put them off. I have done this too from time to time especially with one of my least favourite tasks… following up leads.

But when you cherry pick, do you actually ‘enjoy’ doing what’s easiest? Or is the feeling of guilt when procrastinating preventing you from doing so?

It is so easy to become used to working in such a way, until a deadline threatens to derail us or a personal matter stops us in our tracks.

Then panic sets in.

Today as you trail through your action or task list, why not pay real attention to all of it – the good, the bad and the ugly?

Why it makes sense to embrace all tasks

Without dealing with the challenging, boring or uncomfortable tasks, you may miss out on valuable learning about yourself and the task in hand. You also deny yourself the opportunity to truly appreciate the positives and the fun activities. And then you are simply left with that niggling feeling of guilt that is so difficult to shake off!

So when faced with jobs that that make you feel disheartened this week, try to feel grateful for what you are learning about yourself and your tasks as you carry them out.

And if that feels a little strange at the beginning, look for something else to feel grateful for – even if it’s just the sunshine or the blue sky.

You may be amazed by how good it feels to apply an attitude of gratitude in your day-to-day work.

As William Arthur Ward said, “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

Ute Wieczorek-King is an experienced Mentor who helps busy women to be visible and focused in business. You can connect with Ute on Twitter , Facebook or Instagram or get her free Money ebook for passionate solopreneurs on the Success Network website.


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Start your week with positivity -#GratitudeMonday

As one week rolls into another, months can slip by for home workers, who are often too busy to stop and take a breather. Running a solo-business can mean having to move from one problem or project straight to the next. Before you realise it, you’ve become Wonder Woman or Superman, with no time to stop and no idea how you feel about your progress or the impact you are making with your small business!

Now I know you will enjoy what I’m about to tell you: I am giving you permission to procrastinate on your actions once a week from now on, at the time that you would normally start your working week. No rushing to tick off the items on your to-do list for once. Yes you read that right! You’d never normally hear me say that it’s OK to allow yourself time to not do anything.

So enjoy, give yourself this little gift of non-action and please make the most of it!

As you start your day or week, begin by considering what it is that you are grateful for — the things that happened or the people you appreciate most at this very moment in time. Think also about the things you have been able to achieve!

Watch out… being appreciative and grateful can put a totally different spin on your day or your week. Some people try to think like this every day of the week, as sooner or later you will find something extraordinary happening: you will feel more positive and more open to what the day will bring.

This is an exercise I carry out every Monday morning and I find that I am more focused and productive, and less worried about the amount of tasks on my to-do list that week.

You can do this little exercise with your eyes closed as you are waking up, or wait until you get to your desk before you sit and contemplate. Once you have calmly thought about all the good things in your work/life that you feel grateful for, you can even go on Twitter and share your news with all the other people who are doing exactly the same.

My colleague @DoreenGowing and I (@utewking) started the #GratitudeMonday movement on Twitter with its own #hashtag on Monday 8 April 2013 at 9am.

It has already led to a small devoted following of people all over the world who have found that this weekly act of gratitude brings new meaning to their Monday mornings!

Go on, have a go… what are you grateful for today?


Ute Wieczorek-King is an experienced trainer, mentor and business coach who specialises in helping busy women to be more visible, focused, effective and profitable in business. Ute also runs Success Network and the Inner Circle Mentoring Groups:  


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