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#faraway #augustbreak2013 #Thames

My summer months are usually fairly quiet, apart from the on-going 1-1 business support that I provide for a few regular clients.

There is a lot you can do to develop and grow your business whilst potential customers are either on holiday or simply not in ‘buying mode’ because their business is quiet too.

And so, with my main summer holiday well behind me, I have had time to write, start working on a couple of online learning classes, reorganise my office and read more on Twitter, my favourite social media platform. I use twitter a lot for my business and last week, found myself checking out the hash tag #augustbreak2013 used by quite a few other bloggers.

And what I found on Melanie Mackie’s blog, Scarletta Media, really inspired me! Melanie had just joined a summer photography project started by photographer Susannah Conway.

#skyline #augustbreak2013

#skyline #augustbreak2013

Susannah set 30 word prompts to help participants get ideas for their daily photo. There are no other rules and the participants are simply bloggers (like me) who want to have a break from their regular blogging routine for a month.

During the August Break Project we can share our photos on our blogs, in a Flickr group or via Instagram. When using the hashtag, other project participants can view and comment too.

As someone who captures her life on her iPhone, this project is right up my street!

I take photos of random things that I come across anyway, but apart from using the occasional image for my blogs, my photos are usually just for me! For example, I love looking at my photos at night, if I can’t go to sleep, as they tend to spark lots of happy memories.

#play #augustbreak2013

#play #augustbreak2013

Since I have joined this project, I have taken photos on the topics of ‘skyline’, ‘a selfie’, ‘taste’, ‘red’, ‘play’ and ‘far away’, some of which are included in this post.

So, maximising quiet times can also mean developing your creativity by doing or learning something that uses your brain differently. For example, I don’t consider myself a ‘photographer’ or someone who understands lighting or perspective, but thinking about the daily prompt and what it means to me, challenges me and keeps my mind (and my iPhone) occupied in a refreshingly different way.

Needless to say I’m really enjoying this new-found sense of creativity which is so different to writing. (Click here to see Part 2 of my summer project with more photos)

I would love to hear what your own summer projects are – why not share below?!

#aselfie #augustbreak2013

#aselfie #augustbreak2013

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