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imageTime or should I say lack of time can be major issue for busy women who run a small business from home. No matter how good your intention to make time to improve or grow your business, it’s a sad truth that most of us are extremely busy already working on an ever-growing list of tasks.

Another sad truth is that no-one will achieve success in business simply by working hard on their actions and putting in long hours.

In any case, your own definition of working hard might not be the same as a successful entrepreneur’s idea of working hard. Her focus may be on making good strategic decisions whereas yours may be on juggling client work, marketing, finance and administrative tasks, looking after sick children, older relatives and supervising the builders.

All in a day’s work you may think. Many women accomplish such a lot, don’t they? But at what price?

What not to do

I once wrote a post about the importance of showing your business who is boss. A person in charge of their business will happily spend time managing and working ‘on’ the business, rather than ‘in’ the business.

The thing is, I didn’t always know that. A couple of years after starting my first business I found myself fire-fighting like crazy. I just couldn’t figure out what to do first – everything seemed equally important.

Why was that happening to me?

I had started my first training business because I loved my profession (teaching) and helping people to learn. And like many women I know, I wanted more time for my family and have a better quality of life too.

But somehow all this didn’t start to happen until I decided to take charge and stop letting the business run me.

Why effort alone doesn’t work

Having worked with lots of start-ups over the years I know that my own start-up story isn’t that unusual. Many people believe that sheer effort, persistence and hard work will lead to the results you dream of.

But sadly I have seen people work hard like this who experience a form of ‘burnout’. This can happen when the passion you may have had for your business has disappeared leaving you to feel drained disillusioned and stuck.

You may even believe that you’ve failed or that your business idea or model will never work.

Did you have any idea before you started how much goes on behind the scenes of a business that helps to make it successful (in whichever way you define success)?

Maybe you had an inkling but thought the only way is to push yourself harder to try and make sure it works?

Overworked people frequently find it difficult to see the ‘wood for the tress’ and make time for the things that matter.


If you have a problem with taking time out whether for yourself or the business, please be careful.

It is not that difficult to get to the point where taking a complete break from the business seems like the only option.

How to take control and pave the way for success

All successful people invest time in themselves as well as in their business and this seems to be a key aspect that differentiates them from less successful people.

Of course it may seem completely counter-intuitive to spend time on you or your business particularly when you’re in the middle of a super busy period.

But I hope these amazing benefits will convince you:

  • You’ll know what REALLY matters in your business and can do more of what works – e.g. the high impact tasks – whilst also letting go of low impact, time wasting activities.
  • You’ll feel more focused and make fewer ad-hoc decisions in your business.
  • Taking time to think gives you time to plan. A clearer direction stops you from getting caught in the day-to-day stuff and keeps you in touch with the big picture.
  • You’ll unravel the causes of overwhelm,  take action accordingly and feel much calmer.
  • Finally, you’ll feel a lot less like an overworked employee and more like a business owner in charge.


So why not schedule two time slots in your diary right away? One for you and one for the business!

Just remember that if you are not making time for you or the business, then you won’t be making time for success…

IMG_6665Ute Wieczorek-King is an experienced trainer, mentor and business coach who specialises in helping busy women be focused, visible and profitable in business.  She blogs regularly here as well as at http://www.successnetwork.org.uk and http://www.attractreaders.com and has written hundreds of free articles for women in business.


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Autumn is here; the weather is changing and the summer holidays are long forgotten. Many solo business owners are frantically busy working towards some strong end-of-year results.

Most business owners would prefer to wait for a quieter time at the end of the year before thinking about the next phase in their business.

The perils of being busy working ‘in’ the business

The main problem with being busy is that it can give you tunnel vision.  You just look at what you need to do and what’s most urgent, essentially losing your peripheral vision.

When you’re busy like this you often can’t be sure that what you’re just working on will lead to the best possible results. That’s because busy-ness can skim over any small inefficiencies or gaps in your thinking that can lead to a big waste of money over time.

IMG_5891Let’s imagine a major lucrative project was offered to you unexpectedly. It’s your dream project and means working with your ideal client.

If you’re already busy, would you have capacity and the necessary time to manage it? And be able to keep your other customers happy at the same time?

Most solopreneurs I meet don’t like to think ahead that way, telling theselves they’ll cross that bridge when it actually happens.

However, I would argue that unless you are prepared and ready to receive it, growth may never happen. Opportunities may pass you by because you are too busy to ‘see’ them or be able to gauge their future potential.

And if growth happens when you’re not prepared, having to think on your feet may just lead to overwhelm and not knowing what to focus on first.

So being frantically busy may actually be an important warning sign!

Change your focus to encourage new growth

So let’s why not try to create some space and time for a little bit of thinking. Here are a few questions for you to reflect on:

  • What marketing or business building activity has proven to be ineffective this year? Think about ways to phase it out or let it go altogether. There is no need to wait until the end of the year to do so.
  • What project or joint venture hasn’t worked out the way you hoped it would? It may be time to rethink or drop it. Otherwise you could simply be wasting lots of unnecessary time and money.
  • Where or when are you not making the most of your time (or money)? Are you losing motivation or interest in an aspect of your business, a niche you’re working in? Are you being distracted by too many tempting services that over-promise and under-deliver? Again, why not end the inefficiencies?
  • What do you dislike doing altogether? Can you ditch or delegate it and replace it with more of what you like and are really good at?

This is a great time to rethink your strategy and take the appropriate action. The very action that makes space for growth is often the one that lays strong foundations for the future.

What are you waiting for?

PS. If you’re serious about wanting to make changes that will drive your business forward and lead to better results, please ask me about my once-a-year VIP 30-day Mentoring Programme.

Ute2013-150x150About the author: Ute Wieczorek-King helps female midlife entrepreneurs to be visible, effective and profitable in business. Sign up to her monthly newsletter on the Success Network Website to receive a free ebook that shows you how to make a living from your passion.

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